Registration and Housing


Registration/Housing: Meeting the Special Needs

BRMG provides you with a complete package of registration and housing planning and processing services. We will work closely with you to understand the special needs of your attendees and to serve their--and your--needs in a professional manner. Our expertise will save you time, money and energy and allow you to focus on other aspects of your meeting.

Using your mailing list, we can create a database of prospective attendees to ensure speed and quality during the data-entry process. We will customize our software to capture specific registrant information and will deliver this data to you in the report format of your choosing. We can integrate your registrants' data with other Windows software to provide information to you electronically. In addition, we are fully capable of handling Web-based registration and will ensure a smooth process for your attendees.

As your meeting nears, we will coordinate all of your on-site registration needs, from equipment rental to temporary staffing. BRMG has the capability to handle significant on-site registration, payments, badge corrections and report requests from you. We also will keep you updated on meal counts and workshop attendance to eliminate the guesswork in your guarantees.

Registration Services

1-800 Registration Hotlines
Advance Planning
Badges and Tickets
Credit Card Processing
Custom Report Maintenance
Database Development
Form Verification
On-Site Training
Post-Convention Reports
Registration Form Design
Registration Desk Management
Venue Selection

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BRMG brings this same expertise to its housing service. Let us manage your inventory for any number of conference hotels, relieving you of the headaches that often accompany the job. You will find your attendees happy to avoid large housing bureaus and impersonal call centers. Our knowledgeable staff will answer all of their pre-meeting questions in one phone call.

Housing Services

1-800 Housing Hotline
Contract Negotiations
Group Requests
Hotel Selection
Housing Form Design
Post-Event Reports
Preliminary Confirmation
Room Assignment
Room Block Assignment
VIP Rooms

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