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Exhibition Management: The Team Approach

Putting on a trade show is one thing. Marketing and managing an international exhibition is quite something else. At BRMG, we understand the importance of a successful exhibition--to the sponsor, to the exhibitor, and to the attendee. Success in the exhibit hall provides the sponsor with increased networking opportunities, greater corporate visibility, and a larger attendee base. Most importantly, an efficiently run exhibit hall can financially help support and sustain an organization's educational goals and future objectives.

BRMG will help plan and manage an exhibition that keeps you, your exhibitors, and your attendees in mind. Our exhibitions breed profitability and growth, as we provide marketing capabilities that allow our sponsors to target larger audiences on a limited budget. On site, we'll stop by your exhibitor booths and help strengthen your corporate relationships. By planning special events during exhibit hours, we'll keep the attendees in the hall and at the booths.

With a long-term frame of reference, BRMG will provide your organization with the means to take few risks to achieve many rewards.

Exhibition Management Services

Advertising Packages
Booth Sales
Brochure Design
Contract Negotiations
Database Maintenance
Email Updates
Exhibitor Kits
Exhibitor Prospectus
Exhibitor Registration
Marketing Campaign
On-Site Management
On-Site Sales
Site Selection
Sponsor Packages
Third Party Contractors
Venue Selection

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